How to Use


The Activance Professional Densify Leave-In Treatment Range is quick and easy to use. For best results, just follow these five steps to better hair health.


Shake bottle well before use.


Use Activance Densify Leave-In Treatments on damp or dry clean hair before applying any other product or treatment. To address hair loss and scalp issues, concentrate on the scalp areas of concern and apply at least 20 sprays (5ml) to 30 (7.5ml) to clean hair 1 DAILY for 6 months or as directed by a haircare professional. Use 2–4 times per week to maintain hair health after 6 months. 



Part hair exposing the affected scalp area, apply spray close to the scalp (hold nozzle 5 cm away from scalp) and spray over the affected area, one section at a time.


Massage in scalp, do not rise out Densify leave in treatment and wait 10 minutes before style and brushing hair as usual.


Repeat parting and sectioning hair of the affected scalp and spraying evenly till 20-30 sprays is complete.

For best results:

  • Activance Profession Densify number system identifies the hydration level, not steps.
  • Preferably use Activance Professional after shampooing in the morning, for night-time use apply 1 hour before bed, to avoid residue transfer to pillow.
  • Do not brush hair directly after spraying Activance Leave-In Treatment.
  • Activance can be used with hair extensions provided you concentrate on the scalp area for hair thinning issues. Use additional 10-20 spray to the mids and end including hair extensions depending on the length of the hair for nourishing and strengthening purposes.
  • Assure you are using the correct Leave-In Treatment for your hair type. ALL our Leave-In Treatments help with thinning and hair loss, depending on the TYPE of hair condition.