What we're made of

We believe in using the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, the most effective natural plant extracts, and the most powerful nutrients: Rhodanide and MSM. Our unique formulas are suitable for everybody, including children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

We also believe that what ISN’T in our products is just as important as what is.






When your body undergoes a stressful event, all its energy is focused on healing, meaning the growth of your hair can become compromised. Activance Professional products contain nutrient combinations especially designed to deliver energy where it’s needed for uninterrupted nourishment, keeping your hair and scalp stress-free.

Each newborn hair strand needs nutrients to help it grow healthy and strong – but when there is a lack of nutrition over time, this can lead to signs of premature ageing. Thankfully, Activance Professional treatments supply the energy-boosting nutrients that produce healthier strands, prolonging the youth of your tresses.

The pollutants you’re exposed to every day can cause scalp sensitivity and create congestion in follicles. For this reason, an anti-pollution philosophy guides the development of all Activance Professional products. Our antioxidant-rich formulas gently detox your hair and scalp, fostering ideal conditions for hair growth.