What is Rhodanide?

Rhodanide is a tiny but powerful molecule that the human body naturally produces. In fact, so important to life are its vitamin-like functions that Rhodanide is found in every cell of all living beings.




How it works

Rhodanide’s anti-ageing and regenerative properties are extensively documented in biochemical research. As one of nature’s most miraculous molecules, Rhodanide forms part of your body’s defence system, which is why it’s found in tears and breast milk.

In hair follicles, natural Rhodanide stimulates cell growth while strengthening the bonds of keratin from within, increasing elasticity and reducing breakage. In fact, scientists have found that Rhodanide is particularly richly concentrated in areas of rapid growth, like the root tips of plants – and the roots of your hair.

But when your body is depleted by everyday stressors, Rhodanide becomes less concentrated in these areas, which means that your hair health can suffer.

Enter Activance Professional. Our groundbreaking range of treatments harnesses the power of Rhodanide when your body can’t, enabling topical application of this amazing molecule in the areas where it’s most needed. By working in harmony with your body’s natural processes, Activance Professional brings out your hair’s inner beauty and strength, providing the nutrients it needs to truly shine.