The Product

We ask a lot of our hair and have high expectations of what it can deliver, just as we do with our skin. After all, the two go hand in hand.

So just as we nurture and protect our delicate facial skin to maintain its youth and health, we must do the same with our tresses.

The Activance Professional product range is here for that very reason.

Our products aim to help you bring out your hair’s inner beauty by providing the nutrients it needs.

Start with an Activance Professional shampoo to gently cleanse and detox daily pollutants, then apply our conditioner to lightly hydrate without leaving residue. Finish with the most important step: replenishing the nourishing nutrients your hair needs to thrive with our ground-breaking leave-in treatment range.

Activance Professional—because healthy hair means beautiful hair.




What we're made of

We believe in using the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, the most effective natural plant extracts, and the most powerful nutrients: Rhodanide and MSM.

We also believe that what ISN’T in our products is just as important as what is.

Activance Professional products contain NO silicones, NO artificial colours, NO chemical preservatives, NO parabens and NO hidden impurities—and we NEVER use the harsh, damaging chemicals found in many other products. 

We understand what the stressors of modern living can do to your hair. That’s why we put our energy into bringing you the purest natural ingredients.




We’ve meticulously developed our Activance Professional formulations to be:

In this modern world, the pollutants you’re exposed to every day can cause scalp sensitivity and create congestion in follicles. That’s why our antioxidant-rich formulas gently detox your hair and scalp, fostering ideal conditions for hair growth. At Activance, an anti-pollution philosophy guides the development of all our products.

When your body undergoes a stressful event, all its energy is focused on healing – meaning the growth of your hair can become compromised. Activance products contain nutrient combinations especially designed to deliver energy where it’s needed, enabling uninterrupted nourishment and keeping your hair and scalp stress-free.

Each newborn hair strand needs nutrients to help it grow healthy and strong. But when there is a lack of nutrition over time, this can lead to signs of premature ageing. Thankfully, the exclusive nutrient combinations in our Activance Leave-In Treatment range speak to the root of the problem. Designed to be applied topically for absorption, Activance treatments supply the energy-boosting nutrients needed to produce healthier strands, minimising aged-looking hair and prolonging the youth of your tresses.

Our anti-pollution stance applies not only to how we treat your hair and scalp but also to the way we treat our environment. We ensure that what goes down the drain is 100% biodegradable, minimising our environmental footprint without compromising on the health of your hair.