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How To Use The Ordering Portal:


If you are a business who is passionate about hair and scalp health, we have a fabulous solution for you!

Activance Professional is innovative, pharmaceutical grade australian-made hair health range, providing a natural solution for hair loss/fall, scalp conditions and irritations and slow growing hair.

Our product range results in thicker, stronger, longer hair and is ideal for men, women and children. It's also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


These products compliment all other shampoo and conditioner ranges you may prefer to stock.




Because the star products are Leave in treatments sprayed onto the scalp to nourish the hair follicle.


Vitalise is the exception which is sprayed onto the mids and ends as a nutrient booster prior to using styling products.


We know you are busy so our online ordering portal is an easy and convenient way to order our products any time of the day.


Below is a list of possible questions you may have about using this our ordering portal and the answers in easy to follow format:


How to set up your account.

I am a first time stockist - Is there support for training?

I have purchased before but I'm not sure what I should order?

How do I know what product to recommend? 

Where Can I Learn More about the products.


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Step 1: 

Click on 'Register' in the top right corner of your screen.

If you are on an iPhone or Android - click the 3 lines at the top left of your screen to see the drop down menu and scroll down to REGISTER.






ONE:                                                                    TWO:

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Step 2:

Complete the Registration form and click CREATE ACCOUNT.




Step 3: Select Your Product:

You will now be taken to the HOME page. This is where you can scroll down and click the button  'VIEW ALL PRODUCTS'.



To purchase - simply click VIEW beneath the desired product and you will be taken to the purchase page where you can select the quantity of each product desired.








If you are ready to check out - click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.




If you wish to view or edit your cart - Click VIEW/EDIT CART.



Should you wish to purchase another product, click CONTINUE SHOPPING button (see below if this button does not appear on your screen.


***If you cannot see a CONTINUE SHOPPING option, simply click the X at the top right and click the 'back' button or select THE RANGE from the menu to return to the products page***






I am a first time stockist - What should I order? 


If you are a first time stockist here is what you need to know...


Activance Professional is a natural solution for fine or thinning Hair, damaged hair and scalp issues such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. It is an ideal solution also for stress-related alopecia. 


Here is a clear outline identifying which products work best for each issue:


Our range of shampoo (cleanser) and conditioners are not for everyone:

The shampoo is high-density meaning it is full of all the good stuff leaving out the bad such as SLS, SLES, parabens and more.

This means your clients may report back to you of their dissatisfaction with the lack of 'foaming' action and they confuse this for cleanliness.

The fact is, the shampoo actually does foam however due to the purity of the ingredients (and lack of fillers), the bubbles are much smaller and smoother in shape compared to products full of synthetics. Those products produce hexagon shaped bubbles creating more space giving the illusion of a quality foaming/cleaning action. This shampoo is actually a hair and scalp cleanser, meaning it detoxifies and removes pollutants in the scalp and hair.

As with any detox will often seem to get worse before you get better.

It's super important for you to education your clients prior to using this product so you can set their expectations about their upcoming experience. We offer all advertising materials to display on stands and shelving.

Soon enough they will find their hair becoming cleaner, smoother, more manageable and feeling thicker but it takes a period of consistent detoxing and cleansing for this to occur.

A period of 'transition' needs to take place. 

Our conditioner will not feel like common conditioner:

Most of your clientele will expect the conditioner to feel "Softer" when they massage it into their hair. 

Due to the lack of synthetics in the product and the purity of ingredients, this product will not feel like "common conditioner" in the hair. 

Some clients may report their hair is not 'soft' enough. 

Again, it takes time for the hair to detox and adjust to a clean, natural solution.

What they will notice is a fuller head of hair, due to increased hydration. This is especially true if using Vitalise on the strands after the cleansing and conditioning process.


Your First Order option:

1: PROFESSIONALS PACK: TOTAL- $408 Plus Shipping $35= $443.

6 x Densify 01- W/Sale $32.00- RRP $70 - A leave in scalp treatment for fine and thinning hair / normal to oily.

6 x Densify 02- A leave in scalp treatment for fine and thinning hair / normal to dry

6 x Densify 03 - A leave in scalp treatment for fine and thinning and damaged hair


6 x Vitalise- W/Sale $18.00- RRP $39 - A leave in treatment for the hair shaft (spray through mids and ends after Densify and comb through)

6 x Alleviate - A leave in scalp treatment for dry, flaky, scaly or irritated scalp. 


6 x Calming Shampoo- W/Sale $18- RRP $40 - to calm dry, irritated scalp

6 x Balancing Shampoo - to balance oily hair

6 x Calming Conditioner - to moisturise and calm dry, irritated hair and scalp

INCLUDES: Frre Tester's, Free Activance Pro gift bags, Free Activance Pro brand brochures. 




If you would like to order something other than first time order packs, please feel free to access the ordering portal and follow the steps in section one above.


Client ordering:Finding the correct product.

Hair Fall and / Or Faster Hair Growth:

If you have a majority of hair loss / hair fall concerns, consider specialising in the Densify 02 range. This is a great option for normal/dry and normal/oily scalp types who wish to prevent hair fall and/or to reignite stagnant hair follicles.  

Densify 03 is ideal for damaged hair and dry / irritated scalp. This product can be used for the first few weeks after colouring until condition has returned to the hair and / or symptoms are alleviated. Then Densify 01 or 02 can be used in the interim to prevent over-hydration and oily scalp.

Densify 01 is fantastic for normal to oily scalp types who want to prevent hair fall or reignite the stagnant hair follicles. Otherwise it is an ideal leave in scalp treatment for anyone wanting to prolong the health and vitality of their hair from the very root. 

Faster Growth and Repair:

If you have clients who would like to grown their hair faster or improve the thickness of the hair shaft, Vitalise is our nutrient boosting miracle in a bottle that can increase the volume of each shaft by up to 200% due to the re-bonding effect of the ingredients allowing the shaft to hold moisture content within it. 

Irritated Scalps:

Anyone with dandruff, eczema, psoriasis etc will need Alleviate. This is to be used after shampoo and conditioner and directly on the scalp. Spray on to the scalp and massage. Leave this on for 5-10 minutes prior to applying Densify or Vitalise.

We recommend this product be used only if the issue exists. Once cleared up, store the product in a cool, dry environment for future use and continue using Densify and Vitalise.


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The product selection guide below provides a clear flow chart to follow:

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