Our unique, bespoke education sets our Activance Professional salon stockists apart from all others. We believe strong education that develops stylists is a critical driver of salon growth.

With courses designed for passionate stylists who want to be at the top of their game, we provide the knowledge necessary for your clients to feel comfortable knowing you are an expert in hair health. Our dedicated and professional team of educators will guide and empower you with their expertise, leaving you feeling confident and motivated while ensuring that you have fun at the same time!

We limit numbers in our courses to make sure that you receive exceptional, personalised training. After successful completion of each course, you’ll receive your award and certificate.



Activance Professional
Course 1

Foundations of Hair & Scalp Therapy

Evaluate, Advise, Treat
Students will gain the fundamental knowledge of therapeutic hair and scalp science necessary to provide their guests with excellent care and advice. This course has been designed to enhance the professional hair stylist’s theoretical and practical understanding of hair and scalp disorders and effective treatment solutions. Discover Activance Professional – the brand, its products and how their specialised ingredients work!

Suitable for: People at all levels of their professional hair dressing career
Duration: 1 day (9.30 am – 4.30pm)
Investment: $180
Venue and national locations: TBA

Activance Professional
Course 2

Advanced or Master Hair & Scalp Therapy

An advanced, in-depth overview of hair, scalp, hair loss, therapy consultation communication, treatment solutions and the business of hair therapy will be discovered!

The science behind Activance Professional hair products, from a biochemical scientific level, will equip students with the necessary knowledge to gain their clients’ trust and become true hair health specialists in their salons. Suitable for stylists who have completed Foundations of Hair & Scalp Therapy.

Suitable for: Qualified hair stylists
Duration: 2 days (9.30 am – 4.30pm)
Investment: $350
Venue and national locations: TBA



Associate Course 1

Master Hair Artist

This action-packed day/evening seminar will change the way participants think about the practical aspects of hair craft. Discover the power of science as a tool to become a holistic master of creative hair artistry. There are multiple design applications, styling tools and products available on the market, used by artists to achieve curls, kinks, straight hair and various colour and chemical enhancements for their guests.

Learn which methods can pose the least or most potential damage, kinder styling techniques, potential risks and how to avoid contingencies. You’ll also learn how to educate clients further to gain loyalty, trust and respect using hair science creative.

Duration: 1 day (9.30am – 4.30pm)
Investment: $150
Location: TBA
Suitable for: Hair stylists

Associate Course 2

The Australian Institute of Trichology (AIT) – 2-day Trichology Seminar

Learn more about function and structure of hair and skin, types of hair loss and the underlying causes, how to conduct effective consultations, trichoscope use for scalp and hair analysis, and the latest in hair loss treatments. Gain an in-depth understanding of trichology, giving you the confidence to grow your business!

You will receive:
AIT Associate Certificate of Trichology
A comprehensive Trichology training package
Ongoing support from the AIT to aid your clients

Investment: $600
Location: TBA
Duration: 2 days (9.30 am – 4.30pm)
Suitable for: Qualified hair stylists